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CycleSafe offers a wide range of Bikeability training in Kent and East Sussex from beginner to advance level, to encourage more people to cycle, more often and more safely.



It's widely acknowledged that cycling is a great way to achieve good health and fitness.


It's also one of the easiest ways to exercise - you can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and without spending a fortune. And what's more is that bikes don't pollute the air with exhaust fumes, the only energy they use is pedal power! Cycling's a perfect activity for the family to do together - and research has found that kids are influenced by their parents exercise choices.


Whether you're a complete beginner, would like to boost your confidence or want to develop more advanced skills, it's easy to get some training with CycleSafe that fits your needs. All you need is a suitably sized bike, some comfy, practical clothes and some enthusiasm to get going!



BikeabilityBikeability is a progressive cycle training scheme for the 21st century which has been introduced all over the country to give children and adults the skills and confidence to ride their bikes safely on todays roads. The scheme was developed and approved by Central Government and leading cycling organisations including Cycling England, the Cyclists' Touring Club and Sustrans and offers a uniformed approach to cycle training.


Learn to Balance - Cyclesafe is now also Balanceability Accredited. If you have a child who is struggling to manage a balance bike why not book a 30 min lesson or two with us to get them going. Lessons take place on a playground in Robertsbridge.



Learn to Ride is aimed at people who have never ridden a bike and gets them riding at a basic level off road.



We are specialists in teaching beginners. Our unique step by step programme develops confidence and competence while our cycle games make learning fun for children. Learn to Ride lessons will get a rider cycling independently at a basic level off road. A rider can then progress through the next 3 stages.



Level 1 develops cycle control skills and is taught off road. Trainees will be able to cycle safely on 'off road' paths after this level. It also develops all the control skills needed for the road. Anyone wanting to learn to ride on the road needs to satisfactorily complete this level first.


Level 2 teaches trainees how to ride on road safely and assertively. Trainees will be able to cycle on roads with light traffic after completing this training level.


Level 3 builds on skills learnt in Levels 1 and 2 and teaches trainees to cycle on and through busier multi-lane roads and junctions. Cyclists will be able to cycle confidently on most roads after this level.



Where we teach


Learn to Ride: main training sites - Robertsbridge and Halstead although we can occasionally offer lessons in Tunbridge Wells during school holidays.


Level 1: main training sites - Tunbridge Wells (group courses during school holidays) and Robertsbridge


Level 2 and 3: Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Hastings and Bexhill



Individual training


We offer individual lessons and also work with schools and organisations to run group courses for children and adults. If you're a parent looking for a different idea for a birthday party, why not contact us to arrange a Fun on a Bike Party at your local school.





Take a look at our Facebook page to view some of our training activity last year.

Looking ahead


Bikeability training


If your child has missed out on cycling training with their school, CycleSafe run courses at Holmewood House, School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, during the Easter and Summer Holidays.


Level 1 Building Confidence

A fun-filled 4-session course for 7-9 year olds.


Level 2 Onto the Road

A 4-session course for children aged 10+.



For dates and more information and booking please contact Holmewood House School direct on 01892 860000 or email them directly on