Level 2 Onto the Road

For children 10 years plus and adults


Level 2 Bikeability 2 training gives the trainee a real cycling experience and develops the skills and confidence to manage light to medium traffic situations on short journeys. Book a private course, get a group together or keep an eye on the home page for any courses coming up.


Trainees receive a certificate on completion of the course and a level 2 badge if skills are performed at a competent level.


Trainees need to demonstrate they are competent with the Level 1 skills before continuing on to Level 2. This will normally be at a separate session at one of our Level 1 training sites.


If you have a child of at least 10 years who has already achieved Bikeability 1 with another training establishment the competencies will still need to be reviewed at this session.



Level 2 Training Venues


We currently have 4 main sites for level 2 training in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Hastings and Bexhill.



No. of peopleLvl 1 assessmentLvl 2 trainingGroup cost
1-21 hour3.5 hours *£120
3-41 hour5 hours *£220
5-61.5 hours7 hours **£290


*includes lunch break

** sessions split over 2 days


Please note that these are approximate course timings. Sometimes a further session may be needed to complete the course or to successfully achieve the skills.







Level 2 skills



Extra skills where infrastructure available